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Can pregnancy eat the lotus root?

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All right
1. Clear away heat and cool the blood: It is cold to catch the using the lotus root, the cool blood function of clearing away heat, can use and treat the hot disease; Lotus root bad smell is sweet for liquids many, for pyreticosis thirst, nasal hemorrhage blood, spit blood, there are getting more beneficial particularly on bloods lower.
2. Have an ease constipation and stop rushing down, invigorating the spleen and increasing the appetite: Contain mucus albumen and meal fiber in the lotus root, can be with the sour salt of gallbladder in the human body, cholesterol and triglyceride in the food is combined, make it discharge from the excrement and urine, thus reduce the absorption of the fat. The lotus root gives out one kind uniquly and fragrantly, contain and tan the quality, invigorate the spleen and stop the function of rushing down certainly, can promote the appetite, promote and digest, while whetting the appetite and is strong in, favorable to the stomach and can not receive well, the persons who lose the appetite get well.
3. The blood of benefit promotes tissue regeneration: The nutritive value of the lotus root is very high, rich in microelements such as iron, calcium,etc., vegetable protein, vitamin and starch content are very abundant, have obviously tonify qi and blood, strengthen human immunity function. So Chinese medicine calls it: " repose in mainly mending, the benefit strength " .
4. Silt of styptic powder: The lotus root contains a large amount of tannic acid, shrink the function of blood vessel, can be used for arresting blood. Lotus root can cool blood also, come loose blood, Chinese medicine think it arrest blood without leave silt is the intersection of pyreticosis and food therapy good merchantable brand, blood of disease.

The general crowd can eat
1. Always young women and children, valetudinarian should particularly, very suitable hyperpyrexia patient, persons who spit blood, hypertension, hepatopathy, losing the appetite, iron deficiency anemia, the malnutritive one eat more;
2. The lotus root is cooler, the lying-in woman should not eat too early; The lotus root is cold, grow and eat clearly and melodiously and delightfully, but trouble the spleen and stomach. The digestive function of spleen and stomach is low, the stool is half congealed persons who let out should not be grown and eaten;
3. Lotus root fry soup take orally pleasant and wide, can fry charcoal silt of styptic powder, used in various haemorrhage. Generally eating the lotus root can be relieved gradually postpartum 1- 2 weeks later.

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