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33 pregnant weeks BPD: 7.9CM FL: 5.9CM foetus is young

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Urgent, 33 pregnant weeks BPD: 7.9CM FL: The limited infusion of making me in hospital that the foetus grows that 5.9CM foetus' little doctor says, I want to ask you, is this of mine very small? See a doctor, will tell light several week on the net, the intersection of I and the doctor tell me, it is the necessary infusion to have? I do not want the foetus to be too big, because the foetus has been normal all the time at the beginning, non- small, has not gone to take notice of and eat specially enough! !
Question: Must infuse? Is it very small?


Pregnant for 33 weeks: One pair of averages of foot-path is 0.47 for 8.50 persons ' the average of abdominal girth is 27.78: 2.30 persons ' long average of the femur is 6.52 persons 0.46. It is a little partial and small, but have little trouble temporarily, you drink two packs of fresh milk each day, two egg, eat more thing of high protein, pass period of time go, reexamine, think, down and then. The infusion actually supplies nutrition, I don't think that also go temporarily.

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